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Resurrecting the lost art of wood gasification, Ben Peterson has published a wealth of knowledge representing more than a decade of intensive research. Get inspired and take action with step-by-step plans and proven design. These are considered fairly advanced builds. Not for the faint of heart.

Wood Gas Mastery

What is included:

  • 1

    Wood Gasification Theory & Gasifier Construction

    • Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible: 100's of Photos, Theory of Operation: System Layout, Critical Sizing Charts, Fabrication Photos & Operation (238 pg)

    • 2D Flat CAD Files for Laser & CNC Plasma Cutting- (100+ files) SAVE TIME!

    • Wood Gasifier Build Video- Part 1 (16 min)

    • Wood Gasifier Build Video- Part 2 (13 min)

    • Wood Gasifier Build Video- Part 3 (17 min)

    • Blower Motor Tutorial (10 min)

    • Gasifier Maintenance Video (3 min)

    • Combustion/Reduction Tutorial (5 min)

    • Gas Storage Bag Tutorial (4 min)

    • Gasifier Monorator Hopper Build (4 min)

  • 2

    Ben's Build Diary

    • Ben's Build Diary #1- 304 Stainless Steel, Homestead Use, Download Sketched Dimensions

    • Build Diary #2 - From the Book: Hearth Sizing Formula Applied to My Gasifier Build

    • Build Diary #3 - Jets, Couplings & Graphite

    • Build Diary #4 - Reactor Air Jacket, 4" Ports + Sight Glass Ignition

    • Author Support - Ask Your Questions Here

  • 3

    Engine Conversion & Automation

    • Electronic Carburetor Workshop. Convert an Engine to Dual Fuel & Automate AFR (104 pg)

    • Arduino Software Code

    • Engine Conversion Video Part 1 (19 min)

    • Engine Conversion Video Part 2 (23 min)

  • 4

    Experimental Mixed Waste Gasification - Build Notes

    • Wastebot V1 Build Notes (92 pg)

    • Wastebot V1 Build Video (43 min) 900mb

    • Mixed Fuel Theory - Evolving the Design to 3 chambers for better control (3 min)

    • New Bonus: Wastebot Version 2 Desktop Diesel Study Schematics & Demo Videos

Experience Mastery

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What is included:

With the information in this course and some ingenuity on your part, you can: run generators, fuel older vehicles & gas tractors, heat greenhouses, pump well water, fire up kilns & forges, make activated charcoal for water purification, go off grid and much more!

  • Step by step wood gasifier plans, videos, tutorials, 2D CAD file for the DIY wood gasifier, software code for the electronic carburetor + rare access to our mixed waste gasification workshop

  • Instant access to everything

  • Download everything - Good computer & good internet required. Be resourceful

  • Access until December 31, 2020

Not included:

Here is a list of services not provided in the Wood Gas Mastery Course.

  • No custom design work or grant project consulting

  • No IT support. Ben can't fix your old computer or internet speed. The downloads are good


Reader feedback

“This is the book you need if you want to build the gasifier on the cover. It's very very very well illustrated and is amazing in details. Even a newbie to wood gas like me can make one.I have basic welding skills and really looking forward to finishing building my first one. Thanks for the great book !!!”


“I am a red seal fabricator welder and I found this book informative and technically sound. However the format makes things understandable in such a way that even a non-trades person could make the final product happen.”

Jared L.

“When you attempt to build something that gets complicated, it is always good to have someone "hold your hand". This book is that hand hold that you need. Each step is explained and then documented completely with pictures. It is like he is right there with you as you move step by step through the process. A great book for anyone that is serious about building a gas generator.”


“I have built a couple small experimental gasifiers and have the first edition of this book. The author put even more details in the 2nd edition and hides nothing and has taken the mystery out of how they work and how to build one. Anyone with the ability to cut and weld can build one.”


“Many gasifier plans are out there. Most of them work fairly well too. This book is truly a step by step gasifier build that is extremely efficient. The calculation (very easy to understand) is also shown to size the gasifier to the motor one plans to use. All parts are easily obtained through Home Depot and other sources. Part numbers are also given to make finding them a breeze. This book is badass!!”

Edmond R.

“The foremost complete and exhaustive expose on Wood Gasification. There isn't another writing as complete or definitive as this manual.”

P.T. Moore

A Long History & Proud Lineage

For the last 150 years gasifiers have acted as a silent guardian of civilization, providing fuel and power when people needed it most. Join a proud lineage of honorable men and women defending our way of life. Get way the heck off grid and live in peace and prosperity no matter what the future holds.

New to Wood Gas? Watch this free crash course from 2014 to learn more.

During WWII 1 million gasifiers were created and placed into action to provide fuel when oil wasn't available, saving families and keeping their lives moving forward in a positive direction. That is the good news. The bad news is, many home built units failed from a lack of understanding and a rushed build. Despite the drum beats of war, these people didn't prepare in time. Those drums are beating again. Will you be ready?


Quick answers to common questions

  • What size engine can I run?

    The design uses propane tanks and they are good for 500cc - 5.0 liter engines. If you want to run a slightly larger engine, then you have to be competent enough to scale up the design ON YOUR OWN. Just make your first gasifier before you start talking about making a giant wood gasifier please.

  • Can wood gas be stored?

    You generally do not need to. The gas is produced on demand by the suction of your engine or blower motor. You can bag the gas, but it gets more expensive the more you try to store. You can compress the gas into hydrogen storage tanks, but don't put wood gas into air compressor tanks because the hydrogen can embrittle the metal over time and rupture your tank. Danger!

  • Wood types? Run time?

    Wood chunks are mandatory because they make the best charcoal. Use a table saw/band saw to make them. The secret is in the charcoal chemistry. No pellets, No hog fuel, No tires, No garbage, etc. Wood species does matter. Pine, fir & oak are good. Cedar is quite oily and cottonwood is too ashy. Test, test, test. The run time depends on how dense your wood is. The base reactor will hold a 40 minute load for initial testing. Add a hopper and get run times of several hours. Run a batch in the morning, charge batteries and run a batch at night. 24/7 is UNREALISTIC. Design your feed system around your wood type and energy needs.

  • Wood to watts - Energy conversion?

    Expect to turn 2.5 lbs of bone dry wood chunks into 1 kilowatt/hr of power in a 3600 rpm engine. 3 lbs per kw/hr at 1800 rpm.

  • How much does a wood gasifier cost to build?

    Bare bones, expect to spend $1200 - $1700. Using CNC parts, self built, expect to spend $2200 - $2700. Subcontract portions of your build and expect to spend around $4,000. Done for you turn-key, expect to spend $6500 in mild steel, $9,000 in stainless.

  • Can you build a gasifier for me?

    Not usually, but if Ben is making a new book, then he will sell the machine to pay back development costs. It depends on sales volume and schedule. If 10 people want a stainless unit around the same time, then it's possible. If you are shopping with grant money the answer is NO.

  • Can I build & sell gasifiers?

    If you build a gasifier and take the time to master you craft for 1 year, then you can build and sell your own design variation. You handle your own tech support. You don't use Ben's name or company in your marketing. You will only be successful if you teach and contribute value to the community. Solve new challenges and contribute to the wood gas lineage. If you are looking for a quick business opportunity because you are broke, then don't bother, you will FAIL. There are no shortcuts in life. Read that twice!

  • Refund policy

    No refunds. These are digital files and Ben's personal time. If you are unsure, then DON'T buy it.

Wood Gasifier Plans...

Turned into wood gasifiers by our readers

This is just a sample of the photos that we have received over the years. If they can do it, couldn't you? Do you have a better energy plan when the SHTF?

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