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Enjoy clean AC power & hands-free operation

Making wood gas is pretty easy with some practice, but making a generator run on wood gas isn’t as easy. The air-fuel ratio is unique among gaseous fuels so it needs it’s own carburetor setup. AC power in generators requires precide throttle control, compounding the challenges of wood gassing for clean off grid power.

To overcome these challenges we designed an electronic carburetor that automates the air-fuel ratio after a brief warm up cycle. Using an O2 sensor and a circuit board with a servo and some other goodies we have constructed the gaseous fuel equivalent of a fuel injection system. Computer controlled and able to quickly recover from load changes.

And if you just want to go low tech, then it's still worth checking out how we ran our plumbing and intake.

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    E-Carb Ebook Plans

    • Electronic Carburetor Workshop. Convert an Engine to Dual Fuel & Automate AFR (104 pg)

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    E-Carb Build Videos

    • Engine Conversion & Automation Video Pt 1 (19 min)

    • Engine Conversion & Automation Video Pt 2 (23 min)

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Pro Level Knowledge

Learn an advanced level of engine automation that pro builders use to achieve remarkable results.

Reader Feedback

“A valuable resource at 10 times the cost. Absolutely enjoyed reading the book. Saving for a plasma cutter and mig welder. Good stuff. My grand father ran his tractors and helped feed the nation during WWII. The information must not be lost.”

M. Simpson

“Very nice book. Lots of detailed drawings. Purchased this in conjunction with the "Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible".”

Jeffrey M.

“This is the equivalent of a fuel injection system in your car, but used with gaseous fuels. A truly unique book that shows you how to make wood gas work in engine conversions. Lot's of pictures and even software code. Considering what it would cost to figure this out on your own, the price of the book is a real bargain.”

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What's included

Here is what you get in the Electronic Carburetor Workshop set:

  • Step-by-step ebook plans with hundreds of pictures

  • Software code to calibrate and set the automation loop

  • Build videos revealing even more detail

  • 90 day access to download. Please be resourceful and place this on a thumb drive immediately

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