Get training in plastic-to-fuel technology on the new Wastebot Desktop Diesel platform

8 week online STEM course premiers November 1, 2019

Desktop Diesel

Solving plastic pollution using point-of-use recycling & distributed chemistry

The Wastebot Plastic Recycling Lab is a unique NEW teaching tool that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) to dematerialize plastic waste, distill diesel and drive away plastic pollution in under an hour.

Perfect for schools, science experiments, research, recycling & of course diesel drivers.

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Plastic pollution: #1 environmental threat or #1 unconventional energy source

The numbers are staggering

Every year, society throws away 300 million tons of plastic waste. The soft plastics alone could make 20 billion gallons of fuel, or drive 200 billion miles. Since 1950, we have produced over 9 billion tons of plastic, worth at least 1 trillion gallons of fuel.

The tipping point: A price on plastic

Desktop refining will revalue waste plastic the way biodiesel revalued waste grease... as fuel.

Industry leaders spoke... we listened

“I think there's a lack of infrastructure in general to deal with the amount of waste we produce today as a society.”

Jim Fitterling- CEO, Dow Chemical

“Recycling commodity prices are at 25 year lows because of the contamination in the recycling stream.”

Jim Fish- CEO, Waste Management

“Last year, in 2018, over 65% of (refining) platforms were designed to produce petrochemicals (for plastics)”

Carrie Eppelheimer- UOP, Chief Marketing Officer.

Course Curriculum

Learn about the $100 billion dollar distributed chemistry market and a breakthrough new technology called Wastebot, that turns waste plastic into clean fuel

  • 1

    Week 1

  • 2

    Week 2

    • Big Idea: 4 Major Industries Collide. What Do They Have in Common?

    • Industry Perspectives - 4-Part Video Series (34 minutes)

    • Technical Topic: Plastic Types & Uses

    • Demonstration: Mixed Plastic #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, ABS, Mylar. Will This Fuel?

    • Lesson 2 Notes: Download Available End of Week

  • 3

    Week 3

    • Big Idea: 3rd Industrial Revolution - The Role of Chemistry

    • Technical Topic: Hydrocarbon Chemistry 101 & Catalysts

    • Demonstration: 3D Unprinting Plastic - ABS Test

    • Lesson 3 Notes: Download

  • 4

    Week 4

    • Big Idea: Drive Away Pollution With Clean Diesel Technology

    • Technical Topic: Diesel Fuel Specs & Testing

    • Demonstration: Winter Diesel/ Diesel Generator Run

    • Lesson 4 Notes: Download

  • 5

    Week 5

    • Big Idea: The Tipping Point - Plastic Valued as Fuel

    • Technical Topic: Encyclopedia of Desktop Chemistry

    • Demonstration: Testing Silver Catalyst to Dewax Plastic Bags & Milk Jugs

    • Lesson 5 Notes: Download

  • 6

    Week 6

    • Big Idea: A Changing Marketplace - Winners/Losers

    • Technical Topic: BTU Testing Water to Measure Heat

    • Demonstration: Testing Water Bottle Plastic

    • Lesson 6 Notes: Download

  • 7

    Week 7

    • Big Idea: Zero Your Plastic Impact - Destruction Offsets

    • Technical Topic: Troubleshooting & Maintenace

    • Demonstration: Ocean Plastic & Mixed Plastics

    • Lesson 7 Notes: Download

  • 8

    Week 8

    • Big Idea: Farming & Zero Emissions

    • Technical Topic: Hydrogen Generator Setup

    • Demonstration: Hydrogen Blending to Improve Fuel Quality

    • Lesson 8 Notes: Download

  • 9

    Day 30 Bonus Material

    • Resource Links

    • Wastebot V1 Workshop

    • Wastebot V1 Video Build

    • Electronic Carburetor Video Build- Part 1

    • Electronic Carburetor Workshop

    • Electronic Carburetor Video Build- Part 2

  • 10

    Off Topic

    • Post interesting ideas that don't fall under individual lesson discussions.

What's included:

Desktop Diesel is a unique course you won't find anywhere else. See the BIG picture. Develop trade craft. Enjoy real world experiments over Ben's shoulder. Once you are trained, be among the first to own a Wastebot.

  • 8 Weekly Course Modules. 90 day access. Learn at your own pace. Download videos & pdf files.

  • Teacher/student discussion area for each module. Ask Ben on-topic questions.

  • Demonstrations and "behind the scenes" insight with Wastebot's creator. See STEM used to solve our #1 environmental challenge- PLASTIC

  • Insider access to a new growth industry. Graduates get exclusive access to purchase Wastebots.

  • The opportunity to join our Alumni Program for share purchase, commissions and wholesale prices, when you contribute data and demonstrate plastic-to-fuel.

NOT included in the course:

DO NOT take the course if you are looking for Desktop Wastebot plans or grant money. All of Ben's communication outside of the course is handled @

  • No CAD/ No plans. Wastebot recycling labs will go on sale in 2020. See FAQ section. Retired V1 workshop is included in the 30 day bonus.

  • No project consulting. Phone time is available through

Watch Intro Video


Award Winning Inventor & Author

Ben Peterson

Ben Peterson is an inventor, author and 0-1 entrepreneur. His latest innovation, Wastebot, will help end plastic pollution. Ben's work has been featured in Mechanical Engineering, Clean Tech Open, National Geographic & more. Popular Mechanics named him a Backyard Genius. Phone consult with Ben @


  • What is the course price?

    The 8 week course is only $495. Organizations can get a bulk discount. Schools can get a special student rate. Please read the home page and watch the preview lessons, then contact Ben:

  • I want to purchase a Wastebot. How much?

    Wastebot will go on sale in early 2020. In order to purchase Wastebot, you have to pass the 8 week training course, so we know that you are safely using the machine. Wastebot will start at $3995, but if you take this course we will give you a graduation special price of $2995. Release is expected in Q1 2020.

  • I bought the book, what happened to that?

    The book evolved into this multi-media training course with teacher support. You are already signed up to this course. Check your email for log-in details. If you don't want to take the course, we can refund your book purchase. No questions asked. Thanks!

Bonus material

On Day 30, a trove of goodies awaits you. See some of Ben's early works.

  • Wastebot V1 Workshop

    $250 value

    See the construction of a carbon powered plastic waste processor. Video & pdf. This was built and filmed at a Tech Shop in Arizona in 2017. This unit turned a wide range of waste plastic into gaseous heating fuel & heat for greenhouses.

  • Electronic Carburetor Workshop

    $75 value

    Detailed documentation of the conversion of a generator to dual fuel for use with woodgas (biogas) and propane. This arduino, O2 sensor, servo loop will allow you to use the fuel produced from Wastebot V1 in electric generators. The electronics used in the book may be outdated now, but still a good source of ideas. Video and pdf.